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Green Networking

Francine Krief, […], Martin Peres


This book focuses on green networking, which is an important topic for the scientific community composed of engineers, academics, researchers and industrialists working in the networking field. Reducing the environmental impact of the communications infrastructure has become essential with the ever increasing cost of energy and the need for reducing global CO2 emissions to protect our environment. Recent advances and future directions in green networking are presented in this book, including energy efficient networks (wired networks, wireless networks, mobile networks), adaptive networks (cognitive radio networks, green autonomic networking), green terminals, and industrial research into green networking (smart city, etc.).

My contribution to this book lies in the chapter 6, called “Autonomic Green Networks”, where I talk about self-protection.


  1. Environmental Impact of Networking Infrastructures, Laurent Lefèvre and Jean-Marc Pierson. Part 1. A Step Towards Energy-efficient Networks
  2. A Step Towards Energy-efficient Wired Networks, Aruna Prem Bianzino, Claude Chaudet, Dario Rossi and Jean-Louis Rougier.
  3. A Step Towards Green Mobile Networks, Sami Tabbane.
  4. Green Telecommunications Networks, Guy Pujolle. Part 2. A Step Towards Smart Green Networks and Sustainable Terminals
  5. Cognitive Radio in the Service of Green Communication and Networking, Hicham Khalifé.
  6. Autonomic Green Networks, Francine Krief, Maïssa Mbaye and Martin Peres.
  7. Reconfigurable Green Terminals: a Step Towards Sustainable Electronics, Lilian Bossuet. Part 3. Research Projects on Green Networking Conducted by Industrial Actors
  8. Schemes for Putting Base Stations in Sleep Mode in Mobile Networks: Presentation and Evaluation, Louai Saker, Salah Eddine Elayoubi and Tijani Chahed.
  9. Industrial Application of Green Networking: Smarter Cities, Vincent Gay, Paolo Medagliani, Florian Broekaert, Jérémie Leguay and Mario Lopez Ramos.


The original book has been written in French, under the title Le green networking : Vers des réseaux efficaces en consommation énergétique. It has then been translated to English.