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Intel GFX CI - What Services We Provide, Our Roadmaps, and How to Replicate Our Efforts for Other Drivers

Martin Peres


In the past year, the continuous integration of the i915 driver has been picking up and is massively improving the state of the driver by doing both pre- and post-merge testing.

During the summer, we have made a big effort to publicly provide timely, stable, and actionable reports in order to improve the developers’ involvement. Not only did it successfully change the way Intel developers are working (more focus on bug fixing), and made the drm-tip tree more stable, but it also lead to bigger involvement in the IGT test suite development as well.

In this talk, I would like to show i915 developers what is currently available to them, what’s coming next, and inspire other teams working on other drivers to provide similar service through sharing our key learnings and tools.


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An article about this presentation was written by LWN.